June 4, 2010
Here I enters in second Level of My Project after finishing the basic study.

I think at this stage, I should Explain the Platform clearly.
- I am Using Window7, x64 Machine.
- Any MIC will work fine for the Voice Input.
- A lot Thanks to Google, MSDN and of course My Self.

Rest Later, Bye...

Digital Audio Signal

June 4, 2010
First of all, we Have Digital Computer so there is no sense of Processing an Analogue Signal. So Study of Digital Signal Becomes Necessary. Here it is...

Digital Audio Signal: Digital Audio Signal is Just Digitized, Discrete, Sampled and Quantized form of Analogue.

The very Basic form of this Analog-to-Digital Signal Transformation is: PCM- Pulse Code Modulation. One of these are LPCM- Linear PCM. You can visit Wikipedia for more detail. I am explaining it a little. viz

In the diagram, a sine wa...

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Analog & Digital Sound/Speech Signal

June 4, 2010

Analogue Sound: Analogue Sound or Voice or Audio signal is Just a Mechanical Disturbance in Media. It is notable that it is usually Not Periodic. Even if it is periodic, there is always some difference in two Wave-Periods as there is always some Noise.

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May 28, 2010
Study About Voice Manipulation in C

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